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Residential Property Claims

Our staff is familiar with construction techniques and we work well with general contractors in the restoration of structures, which are damaged due to fire, vandalism, or weather related damages.

We utilize the Xactimate© Estimating Software to prepare estimates on damaged structures. This program applies material and labor amounts based upon postal codes to ensure fair compensation to the property owner while providing you with the best use of your indemnity dollars.

If your office requires evaluation on the value of your insured property for co-insurance purposes, Marshall & Swift® Evaluation Services are used to establish the depreciated value of the structure, or its replacement cost. All ARM adjusters are Marshall & Swift® Certified to ensure an accurate valuation fo the insured’s property. In the event of a co-insurance penalty, the agent is notified so more coverage can be made available to the insured.

To assist in the investigation of weather-related events, ARM utilizes the services of trusted vendors such as Vaisala STRIKEnet® for determining the areas of lightning strikes. ARM is also quick to use the information provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. With late reported hail cases, ARM uses HailScope™ to confirm hail size and dates of loss.

ARM’s staff is familiar with, and works well with all the defense firms within the areas we routinely service. As these areas expand, we contact and vet the defense firms in each new area, and establish a relationship with each of them. If you have firms you prefer us to use, we can include this information in our database and automatically link this information to your claims.

ARM is licensed to handle homeowner related claims in 21 of the 31 states and various provinces in Canada which require adjuster licenses, with more areas being added as needed.

ARM is pro-active when pursuing subrogation in order to recoup your indemnity dollars. On average, ARM obtains up to 74% of your indemnity dollars through our dedicated adjusters and attorneys, or we will pass on the results of our investigation to your approved panel of recovery experts

ARM has also had experience with bodily injury liability claim issues. ARM is fully compliant with all Rule 111 – Medicare as Secondary Payer requirements. We can submit reports directly to Medicare’s COBC on your behalf to determine Medicare eligibility for claimants, or we can provide the same information to the RRE of your choosing. ARM is already the RRE for some of our clients, while we work closely with the designated RRE for the Lloyd’s Market to provide timely reporting and compliance with all Medicare issues. ARM also has experience in following through Medicare’s MSPRC for resolving lien issues, and settlement of claims. This experience has allowed us to refine a specific set of procedures for the adjusters to adhere to in order to ensure the quick resolution of these oft-times complicated claims.