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Heavy Equipment Claims

Some of the first claims ARM handled involved Heavy Equipment and some would say it’s our specialty. Our adjusters, with over fifty years of experience, cover the State of Arkansas, as well as the surrounding states as field adjusters.  ARM handles Heavy Equipment claims as a TPA throughout the United States and Canada.

ARM has experience and expertise in handling crane related losses due to upset, vandalism, or overloading.

In addition, ARM has experience in working traditional contractor equipment claims, including bull dozers, hydraulic excavators, and other earth moving equipment.

ARM’s staff specializes in equipment used in the timber harvesting industry, including log skidders, knuckle boom loaders, tree shears, delimbers, and saw mill related equipment.

For your benefit, ARM utilizes an international database of salvage buyers and web based salvage posting on ARM’s website to obtain the maximum recovery of your indemnity dollars when units are deemed total losses.

ARM is accustomed to working losses involving heavy equipment on a limited assignment as well as a full adjustment basis.

ARM is licensed to handle heavy equipment related claims in 21 of the 31 states, and various provinces in Canada which require adjuster licenses, with more areas being added as needed.

Finally, ARM is a member of the National Truck and Heavy Equipment Claims council.