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Auto Claims

ARM’s staff is familiar with writing estimates of damages to personal automobiles and those automobiles within a commercial environment, including large fleets.

In regards to third party exposures involving private passenger and commercial automobiles, nine adjusters within the ARM staff have experience with handling third party issues and investigations, and related claims.

ARM’s staff is familiar with, and works well with, all of the defense firms within the geographic area we service. We also have a database of vetted defense firms throughout all the areas on the United States in which we handle claims. In addition, we are familiar with the plaintiff firms, and the profile they fit in regards to the propensity to litigate or settle. With this intimate knowledge, ARM can provide useful information to your firm to move claims toward closure at the least cost.

In addition to personal auto exposures, ARM is familiar with working commercial auto exposures including garage and dealer open lot policies for your auto dealers. Garage liability policy and garage keeper’s policies, along with completed operations exposures will be handled in a professional manner.

ARM is licensed to handle personal and commercial automobile related claims in 21 of the 31 states, which require adjuster licenses, with more states being added as needed.