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Affirmative Risk Management

Our Story

Founded - 1987

Affirmative Risk Management was founded in 1987 by Mark L. Pollack, to provide adjusting services related to commercial property, homeowner property, casualty, diesel trucks/trailers, motor truck cargo, heavy equipment, and products liability insurance claims. Mr. Pollack was the sole Adjuster when Affirmative Risk Management was founded, with one administrative support person in the form of a telephone receptionist/administrative assistant.

Since its inception, ARM has grown to a multi-line independent adjusting and third-party administration firm that handles a variety of claim types across the insurance spectrum. ARM’s current staffing level is over 50 employees.


1991, due to organic growth, ARM leased larger premises to accommodate a growing staff of eight individuals.
1993, ARM made its first marketing trip to London after receiving assignments over the past two years from London.
1994, ARM received its first TPA contract from London.


1997, ARM purchased its first commercial structure to house its staff and offices in the Riverdale area of Little Rock.
2001, Little Rock was struck by a severe tornado, with extensive damages resulting in rapid growth of ARM in regards to handling storm related claims. At this time, ARM had reached a staffing level of 18 individuals.
2003, ARM completed additional expansion and renovation on the commercial structure to handle the growth over the last two years.


2005, Hurricane Katrina, hurricane Rita, and hurricane Gustav struck America resulting in many underwriters approaching ARM to handle their storm related claims. Based upon ARM's rapid response in catastrophic conditions, those underwriters that relied upon ARM to handle their storm claims transferred their TPA business to ARM and growth related to same occurred pushing ARM's staffing level to almost 30 individuals.


2006, ARM purchased a larger commercial structure located on 1 acre of property with paved parking lot to move its operations to. After six months of renovation, the structure was ready for occupancy.


2012, ARM acquired a nationwide contract dealing with commercial general liability insurance which led to the doubling of size of personnel to almost 60.
2014, ARM doubled the size of its structure to accommodate the growth in business and to accommodate additional staff.
2015, ARM acquired a nationwide trucking contract from a domestic insurance company requiring it to retain more personnel and this acquisition resulted in an additional 25% growth of ARM's book of business.

Management team

David Elliott President / Chief Executive Officer

Gary Lambertus Vice President of Claims

Scott Cody Director of Claims

Melissa G. Nelson Director of Operations

Katie Elliott Chief Financial Officer

Donovan Valestin CIO / CISO

James Dennis Finance Manager

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